Saturday, 10 March 2018

Gangs of Rome

After frantically painting up a load of Gangs of Rome miniatures (still not 100% finished) and building a load of MDF terrain freshly ordered from sarissa precision, I was ready to put on a couple of games at my local club.

As these would be quick introduction games I shuffled all the fighter cards I had and dealt out 4 fighters to both my opponent (Alex) and I.

We totted up the points and then added enough denarii to make a round 100 points. 

First game was to be the tribute to Mars scenario with six mobs to roam around the streets of downtown Rome.

Both Alex and I deployed our fighters and we slowly edged towards each other. Alex sent one of his fighters up onto the balcony over the trade block building whilst I sent one of mine over towards the scaffold to counter his move.

Our other fighters came into contact and proceeded to batter and bludgeon each other. I tried to throw a Heavy Pilum at one of Alex's gang but he deftly dodged the missile.

I soon took out of of Alex's gang with a Brutal Cleaver and picked up the coin tribute. Both gangs continued to battle around the slave cage and I soon gained the upper hand, picking off a few opposing fighters. With no opposition, my fighter with the tribute managed to lay it at the foot of the statue of Mars.

During the fight the mobs of Rome mainly stood and watched or ran away in panic. They really didnt have much baring on the game.

Second game we played the home fires burning scenario but kept the same terrain making the game in the game. We used the wind rule to affect range attacks and kept the mobs. 

We diced off and I became the attacker with Alex the defender. I deployed my gang on the board edge and Alex deployed around and inside the central villa. With the first activation Alex let loose with a short bow and the winds were definitely in his favour as the arrow whistled true and struck one of my fighters and caused 3 wounds.

Another acivation from Alex and a second fighter with a bow, this time though the winds still in favour but less damage. My fighter was still on her feet but seriously hurt.

Bursting forward my gang ran towards the villa and managed to start a fire against the front wall. However Alex surged his gang outside of the building and managed to quench the fire. The combat passed back and forth and a few of my gang fell to the arrows and blades of the defenders. 

I managed to set another fire and it raged for a while but in the end Alex manoeuvred his gang well, quenching the fire and causing more hurt on my gang.

Not being able to destroy the villa with fire and my gang suffering from lack of numbers I had to retire from the streets, leaving Alex victorious.

So two great games and a win each. Cant wait to get my buildings painted up, models based properly and to get more games in.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Open Combat Battle Night 2

Another Open Combat night at my local Wargames club. We now a regular couple of players of this system and its working out quite well for a couple of quick skirmish games with varied warbands on a club night.

I had arranged two separate games for my new Orc warband as I wanted to try out the monster rules by using a massive Troll. My warband consisted of an Orc Leader with Sword and Shield, an Orc Champion armed similar, 2 x Orc Spearmen, 2 x Orc Archers and the Troll.

First game was against Simons Saxon Warband who had come to cleanse Midgard of the rampaging Orcs. Defending a small hamlet with a river running across the potential battleground the Saxons took up position to halt the Orcs advance over the bridge, whilst also looking to cover ford near the cottage.

The Orcs quickly took possession of the small hovel and the archers gained a good position on the roof, raining dark fletched arrows into the mass of Saxon defenders. Luckily for the Human Warriors their shields and armour deflected many of the barbed missiles with only a few minor wounds.

The Troll surged onto the bridge, exerting himself to rain a cacophony of murderous blows on the nearest warriors. The Saxon leader using his full authority intimidated the Troll and befuddled its tiny mind giving his men the advantage and they attacked back hard.

However with the Orcish leader and champion threatening to flank them at the ford, the Saxons had to withdraw slightly and defend this new threat giving the Troll time to recover and smash its way through the paltry human fighters, charging into the rear of the Saxon Hearth-guard.

Still with the black arrows raining down on them and the press of Orcs forcing the Saxons on the back foot the humans succumbed to the fury of the evil creatures and broke leaving the village in the hands of the Orcs.

Game two and I was up against Mikes Dwarven Slayers. I tweaked the warband slightly (as this was not a campaign and just one off games it was good to try new skills and see what fitted the Orcs best)

The board and terrain was set up, this time giving a central fence to fight over and then we set up the warbands opposite and commenced carnage. This game was straight forward, no tactical detours or manoeuvres. The Slayers charged straight towards the Orcs raging and swinging their great axes. Unfortunately they ran straight into a hail of arrows from my archers who again had managed to take position on the roof of a building (shooting from height really helps!)

This took down one Slayer quickly and the rest then leaped and rounded the fence only to me met by the immoveable object that was the troll. The Dwarves did slightly start to gain the upper hand though but the arrival of some Orc spearmen on one side and the leader and champion on the other, turned the tide.

The Spearmen held a few flamed haired stunty slayers in place whilst the combined attacks of the Orc commanders as well as the exerted enraged troll made shirt work of the Dwarves.

The venerated dwarves broke and left the field in Orcish hands. A cracking nights gaming and two different but highly enjoyable games.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

RoBiN Wargames Show

Last Sunday I went to Nottingham to visit the relatively new Wargames show that they put on in the University Tennis Centre. Not attended before but was looking forward to it as they listed quite a few good traders and possible participation games. Another reason was I would finally get to meet Shaun Jewitt of Little Ninja Painting who has done some fantastic work for me due to my terrible Black Dog Miasma over painting recently. 

The show was quiet with a lower attendance than you would normally see and unfortunately it was freezing cold with traders, punters and demo gamers in costs and hats even inside. 

However I enjoyed the day. I got to meet and chat to Shaun as well as a few other friends in the industry and had a couple of good games. Mostly Gangs of War and a cracking card/fighting fantasyesque game called Escape the Dark Castle. 

I didn't spend much only dropping my hard earned pennies on Oathsworn Miniatures stall for a half dozen Burrows and Badgers minis. These are wonderful anthropomorphic fantasy miniatures. 

Overall a quiet show. Some good games to try and a nice day out to catch up with friends. 

Massive Kings of War game

Maximilian car wars

Massive Bolt Action Invasion of Crete game

More Bolt Action - Russian Tank War

Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games

Panzerfauste by Hysterical Games

Spectre Ops